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Aadideva Gaming
Before when I was playing sonic 2 and I got super sonic I bursted but with hyper sonic I would be so powerful so my favourite is hyper sonic
Comment from : Aadideva Gaming

Julia Meta Kunda
I saw a person and he does not know about sonic
Comment from : Julia Meta Kunda

Black Lyfe
They gave him ultra instinct
Comment from : Black Lyfe

Glitch The Hedgehog
Hyper sonic.
Hyper sonic.
The one hedgehog that they didn’t bring back.
The lovable rainbow hedgehog.

Comment from : Glitch The Hedgehog

utra instinct Goku
Probably dark super sonic
Comment from : utra instinct Goku

Keyonu Roberson
Comment from : Keyonu Roberson

Fun fact: super sonic as a concept came before super saiyans however the design came after super saiyans debut
Comment from : Dragonhearted77

Jose alcantara
do a tails mod.
Comment from : Jose alcantara

ZuluFigure speelt games
Darkspine Sonic is strongest form
Comment from : ZuluFigure speelt games

Da blue One
Sick you can fly with the air boost which dosent exist anymore XD
Comment from : Da blue One

Erikka Hall
I love this
Comment from : Erikka Hall

Sonic came first
Comment from : Nakii

Golden The Hedgehog
Super sonic would be less of a dragon ball z ripoff if they kept the 6 emeralds instead of adding a 7th one
Comment from : Golden The Hedgehog

Guitar Inc
Comment from : Guitar Inc

Guitar Inc
bro what if they made a super sonic werehog what would that be like XDDD
Comment from : Guitar Inc

Jack Covered
who is here in 2020?
Comment from : Jack Covered

Killerpro_ YT
Go super sonic

man l miss playing sonic Generations

Comment from : Killerpro_ YT

Marilene Oliveira
Hyper sonic win easy
Comment from : Marilene Oliveira

Teresa Turner
You are asome
Comment from : Teresa Turner

Chris Meza
Comment from : Chris Meza

Hornie_Pie _
Getting major cobanermani vibes and I’m lovin it
Comment from : Hornie_Pie _

Super multiverse 97 `
3:04 really Both SSJ Goku and Super Sonic take reference to Shuten doji Ova 2.
Comment from : Super multiverse 97 `

Richy Gameing
Hyper sonic distroyed the car sorry for bad grammar
Comment from : Richy Gameing

Support the Zero Mortal Plan Please
The strongest super sonic is probably from unleashed since he killed a god and in 06 he killed a god with two other hedgehogs idk
Comment from : Support the Zero Mortal Plan Please

Adam Selvig
Super Sonic in generations needs work because the rings get consumed to fast
Comment from : Adam Selvig

J Murphy
Why super and hyper when you have normal sonic?
Comment from : J Murphy

asma tahir
I like hyper sonic
Comment from : asma tahir

Putra Official
Sonic red super SaiYan awokwokawok
Comment from : Putra Official

John Cohagen
3:04 False. Super Sonic has virtual invulnerability similar to Superman, while Goku doesn’t gain that whenever he transforms. Plus, there were six Chaos Emeralds in the first Sonic game, while there were seven Dragon Balls since day one. Plus, Sonic’s better.
Comment from : John Cohagen

Marianna R
Him: Your going too high Sonic!

Comment from : Marianna R

Abdul Kabeer
You are posting alot again
Comment from : Abdul Kabeer

My favorite YouTuber has returned at last
Comment from : Michael

I won't count mods or hacks so that I won't cop out and say generations when you turn on the no air boost as super sonic mod

So my favourite time playing as super sonic is in SA1 against chaos.
The only option for Hyper is S3&K

Comment from : Hedgeman98

I remember hyper sonic from sonic 3
Comment from : MysteryCube7

I first experienced Super and Hyper with Sonic 3 on the PC, months and months of very hard work trying to get all the emeralds on the Blue Spheres special stage, but Super Sonic on SA1 and SA2 are one of my favorites.

But to be honest nothing beats Super Sonic on Heroes and Unleashed, i mean one is one of the coolest more badass head banging battles on all Sonic history and one of the coolest meanests looking metal sonics i ever saw, and the battle against Dark Gaia is one of the most cinematic and epic Super Sonic battles ever.

Comment from : GBlastMan

Originally in dragon ball z when a Saiyan goes super they would have red eyes because they are in a berserker mode but once they mastered being a super saiyan then the eye color would change to what it is now. This could explain why super sonic has red eyes
Comment from : TTGcarlos

Eclipse Soluna
Long time no see~
Comment from : Eclipse Soluna

Francis Néron
I saw a Sonic color mod for generation but I don't know about it!
Comment from : Francis Néron

Comic Fan 13
I would have fought Perfect Chaos as Super Sonic
Comment from : Comic Fan 13

Tasha Brazdys
Do boss battle as mods
Comment from : Tasha Brazdys

This is an awesome mod, I absolutely love it!
Comment from : RockaPeteDX

Woah does this mean your back??? Welcome back my friend!!!
Comment from : CrewtasticVlogs

BjSuper Sonic
Do another video on the overpowerd sonic mod!!
Comment from : BjSuper Sonic

Minion Shadow The Hedgehog
Comment from : Minion Shadow The Hedgehog

Ravaldo Boisson
Honestly have missed the content! Don’t go for a toilet break again please
Comment from : Ravaldo Boisson

Jahiem Young
+ThirdMarioBrother actually, Hyper Sonic before MUI was created.
Comment from : Jahiem Young

I just saw that you’re uploading again and it made my day
Comment from : JEJRON

Keith Ieremia Ştefănescu
Bryan you need to play the xtreme sonic mod next, Its insane trust me! I saw Radicalsoda play that mod
Comment from : Keith Ieremia Ştefănescu

Red Pikmin 01
Super saiyan vs super saiyan 2?
Super saiyan 2 if it was canon in that 1994 remake

Comment from : Red Pikmin 01

That was crazy,thanks for these good moments!
Comment from : AndronicMaia

Jay Jones
Play sonic and the black knight... or any sonic game you havnt played.. forces maybe
Comment from : Jay Jones

Adam Marjanovic
Does anyone else remember watching his Sonic Heroes let’s play?
Comment from : Adam Marjanovic

im thinking about rebuying sonic generations but for the PC for the modding potential, is it worth it?
Comment from : Alexavier221

Connor Finley
Who else has notifications on?
better be everyone >:I

Comment from : Connor Finley

g1.stcks king
You soo cool bro
Comment from : g1.stcks king

g1.stcks king
I love you your the best YouTuber ever seen I love your sonic video
Comment from : g1.stcks king

I win
Comment from : Xman23

First man
Comment from : Xman23

no soy un campero :v
Comment from : no soy un campero :v

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