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I’m so impressed with

Comment from : bréoShiaj

am feeling good with expendablemoneysolution,com i just got my third 2.8btc
Comment from : KING SINZ

staa johnson
expendablemoneysolution,com are real,i can now spend my non spendable Bitcoins. i got it transfer to new Blockchain
Comment from : staa johnson

jun Mc
Try this BTC cloud mining on desktop hash.fish/join.html?sc=110883
Comment from : jun Mc

Tik Tok Video Sri Lanka
Comment from : Tik Tok Video Sri Lanka

Alfa betikon
Check this out: www.top10bitcoincloudmining.com
Comment from : Alfa betikon

نور عقلك

Comment from : نور عقلك

arturas paprastas
crypto tab 1cent usd 12hours pc mining no viruses
Comment from : arturas paprastas

boluwatife ojo
Has anyone check out cryptoexplora.com ???
Comment from : boluwatife ojo

Dennis Muriungi
I got 44 btc from designer_ app him watsup +254708508493 for only 350usd btc.. I just couldnt beleive. Realest hack ever.!!
Comment from : Dennis Muriungi

joemarie rendon
What do you think of Avelon.cc. its legit or scam
Comment from : joemarie rendon

sadun fernando
Coin mining site scam?
Comment from : sadun fernando

azam irrul


Comment from : azam irrul

Josef Bartak
Once you signed up Signed up with Fasua Chong investment BLC, you need to pick a n Investment package. That will typically involve choosing a certain amount of hashing power and cross-referencing that with how much you can afford to pay. Typically, paying more will give you a better return or you will turn a profit quicker and thats always the case with Fasua Chong . Quit buying BTC and invest with a miner for better returns no matter the direction of the market .
Comment from : Josef Bartak

chris claim
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Dr Bob Gregson
invest bitcoin at kloviaclinks com and get 100% profit within 48 hours
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lugboso sherif
Visit cryptomarketinvest.com, I registered through one of there investor hendvlad_407 on Instagram that introduced me to the site and I'm getting my payout steady anytime I invest....you can register through him also here is his link cryptomarketinvest.com/register/hendvlad407
Comment from : lugboso sherif

are any of them able to use debit cards?
Comment from : TerribleTonyShow

Gabriel Smith
Mining of BTC is one most profitable investment one can get into..i earn up to 0.2btc daily..all thanks to this support team..reach them on watzap +13012005824 for assistance
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crypto home
Love that site
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I have got something for you.
I know you have heard of other scammers who you have lost,
But this the site below:

Comment from : Mbasitwa

suzzan smith
How does this works and what is the site name
Comment from : suzzan smith

robert stepien
genessis is deth >?
Comment from : robert stepien

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Comment from : SAMUEL VLOGS09

Md. Fazlur Rahman
Comment from : Md. Fazlur Rahman

Free TiMe
brave.com/fre240 safe
Comment from : Free TiMe

www.megamining.website/?referral=207442 legit too new in
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MR Zain
Comment from : MR Zain

Comment from : maxter2006

Taren ponglaham
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Peter Frank
i got 0.6 btc from vastrangelinks,com
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yogesh sharma
Comment from : yogesh sharma

Troy O
Innovamine.io is an Excellent site! It is very similar to how Hashflare started and it is still working well today!. I have had several withdraws over $100 that went through instantly. Fell free to use the Coupon CryptoTroy_2 for a 6% bonus in Hashpower if you sign up.
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x -powers
lootbits.io/?invite=124467 try this its legit
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Special Moment
best site
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mary duke
I got the best trader finally just got my 4th payment in just few weeks of trade
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Hot Topek
Earn FREE 0 075 Bitcoin on Bizzilion boundy promam and unlimited earning..

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Sam Bliz
The highest paying bitcoin strategy is that of mike harry trading
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Ima Jawn8
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Tips Tricks & Tutorials
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Ray Bererdo
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Nudee Gamer TH
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Carlos Almeida
best cloud mining @t​
Comment from : Carlos Almeida

Dying Lotus
Westland storage is a huge scam update the information on your video or take the shit down, thank you
Comment from : Dying Lotus

all i want is $10
Comment from : BrokeBrick

Comment from : daniel250694

Carmela Centeno
try nyo po ito guys,,,, i have proof na po,,, super legit po,, btconline.io/3104189
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x -powers
1AEqKGjWegZEnfgWRhk9JWZo8TUM1FQ4Ly send me some bitcoins pleasse :)
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christian Daniel
Mr Green Bickmore is a unique trader, his trading strategies are good and safe. I have made so much winnings trading with Mr Green Bickmore. (Greenbickmore@mail.com) is the mail I used to contact him.
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try this software its free


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Crypto Earner
cryptofree.zone/Welcome/Partner/10021 2nd day now lounged all crypto mining free
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bloemker tracy
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Harley Me
I'm sorry but... your full of shit.. hashflare is currently the highest paying, and eobot is no better then putting money in your bank and collecting the interest... minus the fact your not paying eobot the cost of "mining" it for you.

I make more in interest from my bank then the contracts on eobot say I'll make, and that what make this vid sad...
goto hashflare and look at the difference its clearly marked

Comment from : Harley Me

fuzzrugg Camera
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the only one is Eobot and it comes back at 28thfebruary all others are scamms
Comment from : CRYPTOGATTO

Nelson Maimu
Don't Invest in Crytomining Farm is full SCAM proved. NEVER pay their investor you will only see the amount accumulated everyday but the time of expire and when you withdrawal you wilL never get your money. #STAYAWAY
Comment from : Nelson Maimu

John Smith
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John Smith
Hackerchaochin@gmail.com is the best miner
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Hi, Can you make a video for hashshiny.io/ thank you.
Comment from : Hashshiny

Иван Бодруг
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Hasan Usta
New Cloud Mining Website. In 3 days %15 profit.
Today first das. Good luck.


Comment from : Hasan Usta

Hi, Can you make a video for hashshiny.io/ thank you.
Comment from : Hashshiny

Deal Day
free mining sites





Comment from : Deal Day

DoRX Mitai87
I have a hashflare contract that is not generating money right now. I was looking for another company, but it seems all them face the same issues right now.
Comment from : DoRX Mitai87

Tik Tok
Fast Btc Mining Websites Guys join fast

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Kittu Boss
Comment from : Kittu Boss

Kittu Boss
Comment from : Kittu Boss

duda duda1985
For free and legit bitcoin

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Me Beb
Comment from : Me Beb

Mayo Matins
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taTa Lino
hashflare didnt pay anymore My contract is due and i gain nothing for a 1btc investment
Comment from : taTa Lino

Lubo Kovar
best mining platform: minergate.com/a/260ad5815f60205a0cbad845
Comment from : Lubo Kovar

Global World
www.bixibit.com/ref?id=5850 real site
Comment from : Global World

Md. Fazlur Rahman
Comment from : Md. Fazlur Rahman

Jagarnat Mandal
Comment from : Jagarnat Mandal

Jagarnat Mandal
Comment from : Jagarnat Mandal

Ricky James
Great video but then its not always a bout the hype,time and money are at stake of none of these works,initially in 2014 i thought just purchasing bitcoin for a specific ammount would mean a lot of money for me and my familly,boy was i wrong...i really wanted to know what it really means to be paid much off this
whole virtual currency bubble doing researches on youtube and read a lot of articles about it,i came a cross a post in a traders forum about a Elizabeth,she is a Investment advisor and a proffesional bitcoin miner at first i wa cynic about the whole thing then i decided i would give it a try but i did give her a short the first investment i made was $1200 split into half for LUNO $600 and ETH $600 from my work savings after 2 weeks mining i got $8,250 exactly,then i purchased more on COINBASE,XRP and MONERO its incredible seeing that my dreams and desires could actually be reached in a short while 2017/2018 has been a great year of transformation in this bitcoin market all you need to do its first beleive in yourself as well as in day trading btc and most importantly make a good research on the market and get yourself a Mentor and trader who can give you a blueprint to attaining your succcess in trading on crypto currency as for myself i stopped flying blind with a good help from Mrs Elizabeth Smith you might want to reach out to her at getpaidwitheliazbeth@outlook.com thank me later....

Comment from : Ricky James

Prajuk Pak
Where do I have to start first?
Comment from : Prajuk Pak

rama rao
Comment from : rama rao

You have any idea what this CFPay business is for CMF?
Comment from : N/A N/A

Hanna Adla
I have been mining in Genesis from my mining begining and I can say that I have never regreted investing in GM. It is definitely not a scam, I am makeing profits on every day basis. They have allways been transparent and open about everything considering my account and contract. I am aware there will always be people saying it is a scam but I just don't understand how can you say that when there are so many of us making money in GM and have our contracts running.
Comment from : Hanna Adla

blair maestas
Comment from : blair maestas

Rose Williams
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Comment from : Rose Williams

azam irrul
Comment from : azam irrul

jeremy chandler
Comment from : jeremy chandler

Thomas Horlings
Westland is a scam.
Comment from : Thomas Horlings

swenter dicks
Trading with Mr Swenterd Dick with and his strategy is awesome, he has helped me to recover some capital i lost in the hands of incompetent Brokers/Account Managers.But thank be to all Almighty GOD that at last i came in contact with mark phillip his email that was shared on the net by some good traders, his strategy work with different software that maximize and guarantees winning. I can't trade with any other again accept him and his strategyt and his strategy is awesome, he has helped me to recover some capital i lost in the hands of incompetent Brokers/Account Managers.contact with Mr Swenterd Dick email that was shared on the net by some good traders, his strategy work with different software that maximize and guarantees winning. I can't trade with any other again accept him and his strategy you can contact him on his email:swenterdick@gmail.com
Comment from : swenter dicks

How long does it usually take for you to get your payout from cryptominingfarm? I've been waiting weeks for my payouts :(
Comment from : runi1024

tariq khan
hi .. cryptomining scam . when you last withdraw from cryptoming .. my withdraw is pending from 2 month
Comment from : tariq khan

anonymous ph
Invest in wat you afford to lost
Comment from : anonymous ph

Dhrubajyoti Mandal
site 1. - wawex.pro/?ref=dhrubajyotimandal4
site 2. - solarmining.green/site/partner/256495

Comment from : Dhrubajyoti Mandal

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